Welcome to eat!

The new menu is the brainchild of our Exec­utive Chef Andrew Ayre, who takes influ­ences from both east and west, and most import­antly, from the Mad Hopper products.

If Viisi Penniä is the heart, Mad Hopper Brewing Co. is the soul. You are now on the verge of fusion and cross-kitchen, but instead of opposing coun­tries, you are faced with pairs of food and beer.

World and Finland in Viisi Penniä

We seek inspir­ation from the most inter­esting parts of the world, but we also boldly make our own choices without fear of risk. Our own brewery products require strong flavors and fiery heat as well as full-bodied umami to accompany them - and the beers keep encour­aging us to try some­thing new with a con­stant beat!

We promise to take you to the States, China, Japan and Korea with our ingredients and recipes. We introduce vodka to the side dishes and beer to the mussels, we make our own seitan and tofu… and we won’t forget to lead you to the Finnish forest.

Speaking of the forest - long live Finland, Hel­sinki and the changing seasons! Miso is always a short dis­tance away from classics, con­ifers and sauna.

And Finnishness can be quite exotic, too - we are, at least for the time being, the only place where domestic whiskey cheese is placed on your plate, and where the chef himself has col­lected spruce buds for the mayonnaise.

Upgraded lunch

We offer lunch every weekday in the old familiar way Mon-Fri from 10.30 am to 2 pm, but with a new attitude. Fresh high-quality ideas will appear on the lists and in the salad buffet, soups will be served to the table and veget­arian dishes will melt the hearts of mixed eaters.

Many ways to new experiences

Make a table reser­vation and come exper­ience the new del­ic­acies, the products of our own brewery and the indus­trial atmo­sphere. If you are not a beer lover, check out our cock­tails and wines, which we have also proudly chosen for you.

Of course, you can also pick up food from us, both lunch and evening menu. In addition, Foodora and Wolt deliver to you in the evenings!