A la carte 



Our tartar 14 €
Beef roast tar tar, smoked charred leek, mustard seed caviar and spruce may­on­naise. L, G

The brewer’s  mussels 250 g/​500g, 12/24 €
Mussels stewed in chili-coconut sauce, country style potatoes and miso may­on­naise. M, G



Athlete’s fillet 2.0 24 €
Breaded pork fillet stuffed with Vilho cheese and pork served with browned butter, peas & country style potatoes.  L

Viisi Penniä’ meat­balls 19 €
Updated version of the house classic served with braised red cabbage, chopped potato puree and cognac pepper sauce.  L, G

Grilled veal liver 23 €
Veal liver grilled on lava stones served with parsnip cream, onions stewed in dark beer, horseradish & bone broth.  L, G**

Baked whitefish 28,50 €
Wild whitefish baked in butter served with crispy veget­ables, chopped potato puree, pickeled fennel and crab sauce   L, G

Penni’s Bowl 19 €
Sal­admix and grilled country chicken served with black quinoa, pickeled cucumber with chili, tomatoe, Edamame beans and pomegranate   L, G**

Entrecote 250g  32 €
250g entrecote grilled on lava stones served with beans baked in gar­licbutter and house bearnaise sauce L, G

High 5 Brg 16 €
Nur­mileipä brioche bun, Finnish beef steak grilled on lava stones, Jukola Whiskey Cheddar, braised red cabbage, Kewpie may­on­naise, car­a­melized onion & mustard seeds. L, G**

Wege Brg 16 €
Nur­mileipä brioche bun, vegetable protein steak, Jukola Whiskey Cheddar, braised red cabbage, Kewpie may­on­naise, car­a­melized onion & mustard seeds. L, G**


Brg side orders 5 €

Country style potatoes with house may­on­naise  L, G

Bloody Mary tomato-onion salad.   V, G

Green salad   V, G  

Roasted veget­ables  V, G


Butter squash risotto   24 €

Risotto with butter squash, roasted veget­ables, crispy cale, grated Gruyre  and nuts        L, G, V**

Bao Bun 16 €

Bao Bun bun, deep fried tofu, pickled cucumber and fer­mented chili sauce     V



Birramisu  10€

House style tiramisu made with beer 

Chocolate cake 10 €

Chocolate cake brewery style, made with beer  L, G

Chef’s cheese plate 10 €

Various finnish cheese, seed crisp­bread and buck­wheat-carrot jam  VL, G

Ice cream & sorbet 4 € / Ice cream ball
Sea­sonal flavors